Auto COSHH Storage in the Workplace: The Why, the What and the How?

Why do I need COSHH storage?

COSHH storage is an important consideration in any and all workplaces. Health and Safety inspectors, Auditors, Bosses and Board members will all expect to see that you are complying to the latest COSHH requirements.

Finding proper COSHH storage for Hazardous chemicals and materials is critical. Every workplace uses and stores hazardous substances, these can include seemingly mundane cleaning products such as bleach, polish or white spirit, which need to be stored and labelled correctly.

Nobody wants to see employees, co-workers or school children injured, blinded or burnt due to improper Hazchem storage.

On top of the emotional and physical damage this could cause, improper storage could mean your company being liable for compensation to the injured party.

What is it?

The regulations around hazardous storage cabinets are extensive, however some features stand out.

  • All hazardous substances should be stored securely in a locked cabinet.
  • The hazardous storage cabinet should be cool, dark and dry.
  • The cabinet should have lipped trays to catch spills.

Finding storage facilities with all of these features is an important part of ensuring your workplace is adhering to COSHH regulations.

How can I make sure I am complying?

Compliance is a tricky thing. Finding storage in the workplace that conforms to all regulations is an almost impossible task. At Ideas at Work we have years of experience researching and reviewing the latest COSHH rules and regulations and have designed our storage cabinets to be fully compliant. From the smaller single door cabinets to the larger double door all are lockable and secure from unauthorised entry. All have lipped trays to ensure spillages are contained. All contain warning stickers to make sure hazards are clearly marked.

Not being fully compliant is not worth the risk.

It is not worth the risk for you, your colleagues, or your company. Our storage cabinets ensure peace of mind that hazardous substances are safely stored, you have minimised risk in your workplace and your storage is COSHH compliant.

Our full range of COSHH storage cabinets is available here COSHH Storage Cabinets.